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Aluminum veneer

The modern aluminum building material.It has the advantage of light weight,fine rigidity, high strength; good weather and corrosion resistance; fine processing tectonics may weld strongly, can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape etc;
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Single-aluminum panel is a king of depth processing series among.

The modern aluminum building material.It has the advantage of light weight,fine rigidity, high strength; good weather and corrosion resistance; fine processing tectonics may weld strongly, can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape etc; Wide optional colour, good decoration effect; super pollution resistance, easy to clean and quick to if and can be recycled,good for protecting environment,It fits for decorating the exterior wall of high-building.girder and colonization, balcony, clapboard interior decoration is received deeply bu the most customers.

Pate curtain walls adopt high-quality and high strength aluminum plate. Its common height is 2.0mm、2.5mm、3.0mm,and its model is 3003.and its state is H2.and its structure is composed of front-panel,reinforced rib,and angle. Front-pager is directly flexed, and then stamped to form an angle bracket; it also can be formed bu riveting angle bracket on the panel flinging . Reinforced rib is jointed with electric welding bolt behind plate in order to form a firm structure. So,it strengthens aluminum curtain wall strength and rigidity, and ensures its flatness and ability to resist wind and shock during its long-term use.If need additional sound insulation and heat preservation effects, the special materials can be fixed inside the aluminum sheet.

The characteristics of aluminum curtain

Aluminum curtain wall veneer of high quality aluminum machining, surface with fluorocarbon spraying, from ultraviolet light, temperature,air temperature and atmospheric erosion,but also has a good degree and excellent anti-bending performance of wind pressure, and can play its characteristics,usage of secondary development.

Aluminum curtain wall veneer owns the characteristics: light weight, high strength, waterproof, anti-pollution, fire,corrosion,processing performance,low maintain cost and corrosion,processing performance,low maintain cost and long life.Veneer can be processed into a variety of curved aluminum and shaped, the surface can be painted with different colors on the wall forming a variety of beautiful patterns, and glass curtain wall can be combined into different physical appearance,making the building more noble and elegant.

Panel curtain wall is usually chromosome, after that,it is treated with fluorine-carbon spray coating. Polyvinyl fluoride resin of the fluorine carbon coating finish paint and the varnish is normally divided nit and coating, 3rd coating or 4rh coating. Fluorine carbon coating has outstanding characteristics of corrosion resistance and weathering resistance, resisting acid rain salt fog and various air contaminants. Besides, is has good performance of thermal Dan cold endurance, and it can resist strong ultraviolet, can keep unfading and chalking for a ling time, and has ling service life . Our factory choose the high-quality fluorine carbon coating material manufactured by well-known PPG、AKZO, etc. We choose nice and various colors. Customers can directly choose in accordance with the color plate manufacturers offered of provide the color sample.


Fine process

Engineering design, grid drawing, compiling procedures, sheet inspection, sheet cutting, copying punching, bending molding, special-shaped processing, fillet sealing welding, edge trimming, surface polishing, column welding stiffening, cleaning chromium-free passivation, coating preparation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, film packaging, final inspection and shipment.

Performance index


Technical requirement

Technical response

Coating thickness




Prescribed value±5


Pencil hardness



Impact resistance

50kg·cm Non - lacquer

50kg·cm Non - lacquer


No flow marks, cracks, bubbles, inclusions and other surface defects.

No flow marks, cracks, bubbles, inclusions and other surface defects.

Sound insulation coefficient


Sound insulation is RW 40dB.


Meet the relevant standard requirements

Delimitation method O level

Chemical resistance

Meet the relevant standard requirements

15min no bubbles, no change in appearance and hydroelectric acid.

Delta E=0.48NBS, resistant to nitrate acid.

No bubbles, no paint falling off, washing resistant.

Classification of Aluminum Veneer: Stone-like Aluminum Veneer, Fluorocarbon-coated Aluminum Veneer, Powder-coated Aluminum Veneer, Wood-print Aluminum Veneer Solid wood veneer aluminum, real stone lacquer aluminum veneer, multi-word pattern aluminum veneer, punched aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, roll-coated aluminum veneer, roll-coated stone aluminum veneer, high scratch resistance porcelain aluminum veneer, single-curved aluminum veneer, double-curved aluminum veneer, copper-drawn aluminum veneer


Stone like aluminum veneer

In recent years, many building interior and exterior decoration mainly uses paint, glass, natural stone, ceramics, metal curtain wall, but these decorative materials have different degrees of defects, such as poor weather resistance, easy to fall off, fade, glass color less, light pollution; natural stone weight, processing speed is slow, installation is difficult. High-rise buildings can not be used, and there is a certain amount of radiation, and can only do plane, profiled modeling is difficult to achieve.

The performance of the fluorocarbon coating for stone imitation is exactly the same as that of the monochrome PVDF fluorocarbon coating, which meets or exceeds the national standard GB/T 23443-2009 of "Aluminum Veneer for Building Decoration" and the international standard AAMA2605.


The stone like aluminum veneer has the following characteristics compared with natural stone.


Stone like aluminum venee

Natural stone


Unique texture, color matching with customer needs, strong plasticity.

Uneven colors, flawed


Fluorocarbon paint, non fading, easy to clean and weatherproof.

Color time is long and not easy to clean.


Complex modeling

Single specification

Energy conservation

Aluminum can be recycled, reused and low load on walls.

Non renewable, non recyclable, heavy load on walls.

Chemical property

Environmentally friendly, pollution-free and odorless.



Moderate price and high cost performance

Different colors, different origins, large price differences, poor customer autonomy.


Easy installation, quick and low cost.

Installation cost is high.


Aluminum veneer installation node



Square column, cylindrical aluminum veneer installation node



Aluminum veneer detail display installation effect


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