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Honeycomb board

The company takes the high-tech industry as the main body and makes full use of aerospace technology to apply it to civil, industrial and construction industries. The products are well received by people from all walks of life.
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The company takes the high-tech industry as the main body and makes full use of aerospace technology to apply it to civil, industrial and construction industries. The products are well received by people from all walks of life.


Aluminum honeycomb panel for curtain wall is mainly used for building exterior wall decoration. This product is made of high quality imported raw materials with precise processing dimension. The advanced pre coated fluorocarbon paint process can keep the color for thirty years. The company uses two-component polymer epoxy film and two-component modified epoxy resin, through the full-closed dust-free operation, with automatic honeycomb board composite production equipment through pressure and high temperature composite, so that aluminum honeycomb board bonding more firmly, more bending, more flat plate, more reliable quality. All kinds of honeycomb plates, such as arc plate, folding plate and trapezoid plate, can be made according to the requirements of architectural design. All non-planar honeycomb plates, such as arc plate, L-shaped plate and U-shaped plate, are formed by one-time mold. The same item only uses the same roll coated aluminum coil, without color difference. It is a high quality, lightweight, high-strength, luxurious and luxuriant green environmental protection decoration material.


Light weight, high strength, large rigidity, stable structure and good wind pressure resistance.

Aluminum honeycomb panels have been widely used in building exterior wall decoration. The weight of honeycomb sandwich panels with the same stiffness is only 1/5 of the aluminum panels, 1/10 of the steel plate. The total thickness of honeycomb sandwich panels is 15 mm, the panels are 1.0 mm, and the boards are 0.8 mm. The weight of honeycomb panels is only 6 The interconnected honeycomb cores are like innumerable I-beams. The wind pressure of the honeycomb cores is much higher than that of the aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum veneers. Aluminum honeycomb board with the smallest weight and maximum strength and deflection, is the incomparable characteristics of other materials, is currently the construction industry's preferred light material.


Noise,heat,fire,earthquake features stand out:

Because the honeycomb core in the honeycomb composite panel is divided into many closed chambers, which prevents air flow and impedes heat and sound waves, the noise of 100-3200HZ sound source can reach 20-30DB, the thermal conductivity is 0.1040.130W/M.K, and the energy absorption capacity of aluminum honeycomb panel is 150-3500KJ/M. It is an ideal material for energy saving. In case of heavy rain, raindrops on aluminum veneer or aluminum-plastic board noise is particularly high, and honeycomb board to avoid this situation.


The appearance is straight and varied, elegant and clean:

Aluminum honeycomb board, different specifications and sizes have the advantages of high flatness and easy deformation, the panel mainly uses fluorocarbon roller coated aluminum plate. The most important point of fluorocarbon roll coating aluminum plate is the use of continuous roll coating process, aluminum plate coating is a one-off finish, product color-free coating leveling, reliable quality, can keep the building exterior wall color bright for a long time. After long-term exposure to the sun and rain or industrial waste gas pollution, it is obvious that the roll coating plate is cleaner and brighter than spraying, and has good adhesion and weather resistance.


D.B-Aluminum honeycomb panel product structure

Product raw materials

Aluminum panel:0.7-1.5mm fluorocarbon roller coating plate.

Aluminum floor:the thickness of the bottom plate is 0.5-1.0mm

Aluminum honeycomb:core material is hexagonal 3003H18 type aluminum bee core, aluminum foil thickness is 0.04-0.07, side length is 5-6mm.

Adhesive:two component polymer epoxy membrane and two component modified epoxy resin.


Pre roll coating plate

Fluorocarbon polymer coating is a one-off pre-roll coating on the surface of aluminum honeycomb panel, which can effectively control the color difference and smoothness of the paint on the surface of aluminum sheet, and successfully eliminate the particles in traditional spraying process. The color is uniform, delicate, soft and bright. Fluorocarbon polymer coatings contain no less than 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 fluorocarbon resins, which are the most stable durable bonding coatings with a molecular structure. The products coated with fluorocarbon coatings can withstand ultraviolet radiation in the sun for a long time, industrial exhaust gas, acid rain and chemical erosion, and can maintain color stability and long-term stability. Bright and clean, coating will not fall off, no cracking, no powder and so on.


Strong decoration, easy to install and fast:

The bottom panel of honeycomb panel can be processed in factory according to different materials, such as aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, color steel plate and stone material. The sheet is bent around, then checked and shaped, and then punched into the lug and the plate into a whole, so that the honeycomb hanging plate formed after more solid. Full factory production, reliable quality, convenient and fast installation.


Technical performance index of aluminum honeycomb panel

Thickness >20 25mm

Front al-planking


Back al-lanking



7.4 7.8

Mechanical function of complex planking and surface planking:

Inertia rectangle I(cm³/m)

19.85 31.67

Measurement of cutting(cm³/m)

19 24

Hardness of complex planking

139000 2217000

Aluminum profile surface planking E.I(KN cm²/m)

AA 5754A(ALMg3)

Changeable measurement(N/mm²)


Tensile strength of panels(N/mm²)


0.2%yield stress




Linear thermal expansion of aluminum materials

2.4mm/m100℃Temperature difference

Surface decoration

PVDF Spray and bake paint

Glossiness (initial value)


Pencil hardness


Honeycomb core

Honeycomb size


Material bulk density

大约80kg/m³It is about 80kg/m³

Strength of pressure-resistant(MIL-STD-401)

4 N/mm²

Acoustic properties

Respiratory sound system


Sound insulation index

23 25

Function of heating

Date of heating guiding(W/M²K)

2.25 2.7

Date of heating preventing R(1/m)(m²k/w)

0.0089 0.0093

Date of heating passing U(k)(w/m²k)

5.59 5.575

For composite panels, the thermal conductivity depends on the total thickness of the sheet.



Honeycomb board classification: titanium zinc honeycomb board, copper honeycomb board, stainless steel honeycomb board, mirror aluminum honeycomb board, imitation stone honeycomb board, natural stone honeycomb composite board, natural wood honeycomb board, wood grain transfer honeycomb board, anodized honeycomb board, bamboo skin honeycomb board, imitation copper wire drawing honeycomb board, colorful honeycomb board.


D.B-Stone composite aluminum honeycomb panel product structure

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