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Tianjin landmark is committed to the development, production and sales of ultra flat metal composite panels and wall systems.

SINCE 2013

The innovative imperial court is dedicated to the diligence and diligence.

D.B, the production enterprise of ultra flat metal composite panels and wall systems:

Tianjin Imperial Standard has three subsidiaries, Xinjiang Imperial Standard New Material Co., Ltd., Hubei Imperial Standard Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Imperial Standard Aluminum Industry Development Co., Ltd. Main Products: Aluminum corrugated board, aluminum honeycomb board, natural wood grain composite board, high scratch resistance porcelain aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer, metal art hollow board, special shape aluminum veneer, aluminum mesh board, metal ceiling system and other products. With a production capacity of 1 million square meters, we have a professional and efficient technical, production and sales team. We can undertake all kinds of aluminum products for decoration projects, and provide customers with super-flat metal clad panels and wall systems of the production enterprises. The comprehensive strength of enterprises is in the forefront of the same industry. Imperial brand series products are also Beijing Tongzhou Administrative Subcenter, Beijing Metro, Urumqi Metro, Changchun Longjia Airport, Qingdao New Airport, Henglong Real Estate, China Resources Land, Luneng Real Estate used decorative materials designated brand cooperation products.

Founded in 2013
Annual production
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Tianjin Imperial Standard has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, ISO 14000 environmental system certification, OHSAS 18000 safety and health management certification and environmental protection certification. The production process and products have obtained a number of national utility model patents and invention patents. At the same time actively integrate domestic and foreign superior supply chain resources, innovative development of customers favored by the market welcomed the new ultra-flat metal clad panels and wall system.

Tianjin Imperial Standard adheres to the management concept of quality, innovation, integrity and win-win, and takes the advantages of quality, innovation and service as its competitive advantages. Continuously upgrade the professional standards of the industry, the introduction of international advanced first-class equipment, with a more active and open attitude to promote the harmonious coexistence of mankind and architecture. Tianjin Emperor's goal is to create an enterprise that will satisfy customers, trust suppliers, employee pride, and social acclaim.

The Tianjin landmark will take the service standard of customers as God.

The Tianjin landmark will produce quality standards for landmark buildings.

Emperor, emperor also;
The direction is also marked.
Win win with customers is the only criterion.

In 2013, Tianjin Emperor Bid was established, the company's headquarters is located in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, adjacent to Xiongan New Area, between Beijing and Tianjin Wuqing Wanxing Industrial Park. Beijing-Taiwan Expressway (G3), Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (G2), Binbao Expressway (G2501) intersection, adjacent to 104 National Road, 103 National Road, traffic is very convenient. It is 90 kilometers from Capital Airport, 40 kilometers from Coastal Airport, 55 kilometers from Capital Second Airport and 10 kilometers from Wuhan-Qinghai High-speed Railway Station. The surrounding and supporting facilities in the park are perfect.

Tianjin Imperial Standard Aluminum Corrugated Plate is made of AA3003/AA5005 alloy aluminum and other materials by special processing. It is a new decorative alloy sheet representing the future trend of the construction industry. This sandwich structure can be generally divided into three layers, the middle layer is made of high-strength corrugated aluminum plate core material, the panel and the bottom plate are bonded in high temperature and high pressure environment after fluorocarbon roller coating treatment. With super size, flatness, class A fire protection, deformation resistance, light weight, long life, easy to process, and represents the future development direction of low energy consumption, high cost-effective green safety building decoration materials.

Tianjin Imperial Standard natural wood decoration board, the composite board combines aluminum corrugated board or aluminum honeycomb board super rigidity, flatness, while giving the beautiful and generous wood grain color advantages. To highlight its excellent quality in the application of building interior and exterior walls and ceiling, the natural wood pattern decoration board, ceiling square, grille can also use natural wood pattern decoration effect. It has the advantages of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, high weather resistance, anti-fading, easy cleaning and so on. At the same time, the choice of natural wood patterns can be matched according to the preferences of customers, which can better meet the interpretation of the architectural concept of customers and designers.

The Tianjin imperial landmark adopts "collectivized operation and information management". The company establishes the information management center, takes the lead in setting up the video conference center with the help of modern management means in the industry. Informatization management of various companies has implemented ERP production management and traceability management of products. Using mobile office and 400 service hotlines, equipped with professional logistics and transportation teams, and using GPS positioning system, the efficiency of enterprise management, the ability of supply guarantee and the image of enterprise are greatly improved. The internal and external information of market, enterprise and supply chain are managed efficiently and uniformly. The products are scanned with barcode and two-dimensional code for anti-counterfeiting identification. It provides a solid foundation for our customers to provide faster and better services.

The main projects are: Beijing Tongzhou Administrative Subcenter, Shandong Qingdao New Airport, Jilin Changchun Longjia Airport, Xinjiang Urumqi Metro, Beijing Metro Line 6, Tianjin Julia Conservatory of Music, Jilin Changchun Longxiang International Business Center, Yunnan Kunming Henglong Plaza, Beijing Jingdong Research and Development Center, Xinjiang Urumqi Track Group Innovation Industry Park, Beijing Millet Science and Technology Industry Park, Beijing Jinshan Science and Technology Industry Park, Mauritius Sports Center, Mauritius Eden Garden, Jiangsu Nanjing Taiji Electricity Office Building, Xinjiang Beitun TV Station, Heilongjiang Harbin Fuli River Bay Building, Tianjin Luneng City, Shanxi Wutaishan Airport, Tianjin Binhai Wan Da Square, Commune at the foot of the Great Wall of Beijing, Media Center of Xinjiang Construction Corps, Kunyu Civil Service Center of Xinjiang Construction Corps, Inner Mongolia Baotou Airport, Wanda Mao Hotel of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Changsha Convention and Exhibition Center of Hunan Province, Hengda City of Anhui Province, Tengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shandong Province, and Twelve Division Forest of Xinjiang Construction Corps Public Security Bureau, Hebei Traffic Command Center, Shandong Qingdao Huarun Vientiane City, Tianjin Architectural Design Institute, Beijing New Qinghai Building, Beijing Puxiang Building, Liaoning Jinzhou Airport, Inner Mongolia Airport, Beijing Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, National Institute of Nuclear Power Design, Yushan, Jiangxi Hukun Passenger Dedicate South Railway Station, Fuzhou Railway Station, Jinxian South Railway Station, Pingxiang Railway Station, Shanghai Pujiang Hongxing Mei Kailong, Shanxi Youyu Stadium, Shanxi Datong Stadium, Inner Mongolia Wuhai Bank, Inner Mongolia Bayan Nur Taxation Bureau, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party School.